Ozone Falls

Another chance to explore our new surroundings sent us towards Crossville in Cumberland County, Tennessee and to a place called Ozone Falls. Strangely enough this place is located right off of the side of the road.


Before the water takes it final plunge over the falls a quaint little creek precedes it that is perfect for the little ones to wade around in and explore.    


This scenic waterfall, managed by the Tennessee State Parks System, offers an array of hiking and naturalist activities. Ozone Falls is a 43-acre natural area. Ozone Falls plunges 110 feet over a sandstone cap rock into a deep blue, rock-strewn pool.  


Ozone Fall Creek then disappears underground until it reemerges several feet downstream. Because of its picturesque beauty and easy access, Ozone Falls was selected for scenes for last years live action movie “The Jungle Book”.



So if you are out and about and want to see some of the natural beauty with a flare of Hollywood thrown in check out Ozone Falls.

Escape Room Date Night

Saturday night was date night. Actually the first one here locally since we moved. The daycare our son attends provided a parents night out opportunity and we took full advantage of it. After getting spruced up, which included taking a bath since it was Saturday after all, we headed out to drop off the boy and were ready for some much needed grown up fun.


Dominique had gotten us reservations at Amerigo, a local Italian chain of restaurants. We started out with an appetizer of Cheese Fritters which were really good. I was well pleased with my meal I had the Chicken  Fehttuchini Imperial. Dominique had Chicken Margarite and she said her’s  was delicious, and that the sauce was very light so as to not overpower the dish.

Cheese Fritters – picture courtesy of Amerigo Italian Restaurant


Chicken Margarite – picture courtesy of TripAdvisor


Chicken Fehttuchini Imperial – picture courtesy of Yelp

With our bellies full we headed to a local escape room. For those not familiar with what that is I will explain. You and a group are ushered into a room where you are given allotted amount of time to gather clues in order to solve a mystery that will enable you to use a code to escape the room. Sorta like Scooby Doo, but without old man Withers dressing up like a monster to scare you away from the old glue factory. The place we went to was called Breakout located in Franklin. They have five rooms which gives you quite a few options and your first mystery to solve, which one to choose. The nominees are “Hostage”, “The Kidnapping”, “Museum Heist”, “Operation: Casino”, and “Island Escape”.


We chose the kidnapping scenario. So the game master, which is the person that oversees the game via closed circuit tv, explains the scenario which in our case we were to be kidnapped victims. Prior to entering the room we were blindfolded, which takes away one of your senses before even getting in the room already, putting you at a disadvantage, not to mention also being handcuffed to an object you cannot see really gets the adrenaline moving. We were instructed that we could remove the blindfolds once we heard the video begin.

The video starts and we remove the blindfolds to find that we are handcuffed to opposite sides of a bed frame. My first thoughts are, “hmm blindfolds, handcuffs, and someone watching us via closed circuit tv…. are we about to be part of some kind of S & M snuff film?” That turned out not to be the situation, but once the timer started I felt the same anxiety that I am sure any snuff film producer does. My only real contribution to the whole escape process was that I noticed that the bed was on wheels and I discovered the key for the handcuffs hanging innocently on the wall. After freeing ourselves from bondage Dominique set out to solve the mystery that would set us free from our captor. I will not go into any further detail so as to not give away any clues so you too can experience the thrill for yourself. As the time ticked down we were unable to solve all the clues to escape.


So we failed, but like I told Dominique my plan was that once I got free of the handcuffs I would just subdue the kidnapper when he returned. Dominique was disappointed in not being able to escape, but it being her first time and only my second I felt we had done pretty well. To ease Dominique’s disappointments, the game master did say we were only about four clues away from getting out, and the room we were in had more steps than your average escape room.

All in all, we had a good time and would definitely recommend both Amerigo for dinner and Breakout Games for a fun activity.

Cinders and Ashes! Day out with Thomas!

Jase loves Thomas the train and can name every single character on the show. I think it’s funny how he can easily say “Sir Topham Hat,” but has trouble say things like “please,” or “sorry,” but what can you do?


This year we decided to participate in Day out with Thomas at the Tennessee Central Railway Museum. This included various kid activities, a meet and greet with Sir Topham Hat himself, and an actual train ride pulled by the one and only blue engine himself, Thomas.  When we arrived, we were greeted by volunteers taking tickets and handing out “passports” of activites where the kids could get stamps when the visited each one. After all stamps were completed, the kids with filled passports would receive a prize on the way out.


The event was really cool, and the activities were geared to kids of various age groups. Jase went directly to the play tent, where he played with some other kids and a Thomas set, something that he could do at home whenever, but, you know, when in Rome I guess.



After that, I was the lucky one picked to escort him on a mini-train ride, while we waited for our ride with the big guy himself. As we circled around the parking lot a few times, gladly accepting the slight breeze that came with it as it was definitely a warm day outside.



Once the mini-train ride was completed, we went to some of the other booths to get Jase’s stamps and then it was time to get in line to meet Sir Topham Hat who, might I add, was much bigger than I imagined considering his stature on the show (granted it’s a cartoon, but whatevs).


Then, ladies and gentlemen, it was time to get inline for our ride with Thomas! We lined up in for our designated cart, Cart 1 to be exact, and got ready for our 15 minute train ride. This was the real deal, you guys.



After a short 7 minute ride away from the station, and a short 7 minute ride back to the station, it was time to get our picture with Thomas!!!!!! Guess what? Jase didn’t really get it. He saw Thomas, but when it was time for the picture, he seemed to be a little confused and didn’t actually want to face the camera for the picture. Two year olds, am I right? However, it was still very cool to see a life-size version of the really useful engine.


Last but not least, there was a petting zoo. Let me tell you, Jase LOVES animals. All kinds. Dogs, birds, cats, cows, sheep, goats, elephants, lions, all of them. This is where we spent the majority of our time at the event.

At one point, he nearly got knocked over by a goat, but he didn’t care. He thought it was awesome.


All in all, Day out with Thomas was a fun event. I think Jase was still a little too young for it, but that’s alright. Will we go again sometime? I think so. It happens every year and hits various cities throughout the country. It costs $20 for 2 year olds and up, which is a little on the expensive side if your child might be too young to truly enjoy it.


If you’re interested in going, check out the website here for more information:

Day out with Thomas

Adventure Awaits: Mammoth Cave

On one of our weekend adventures we decided to head to Kentucky for a day trip. Who knew that could be possible but given our current location living just outside of Nashville it was doable. Our destination was Mammoth Cave National Park. The cave system is a part of the Green River valley and hilly country of south central Kentucky. This is the world’s longest known cave system, with more than 400 miles explored. We happen to visit on a weekend that was extremely busy and not doing any research we were left with the only option of a self guided tour. Now having some experience in tours from my stint at Gatorland I figured it was something we could handle. So we paid for the tour, which wasn’t expensive at all, and headed off down the trail where we were met by a park guide that informed us on the do’s and don’ts of cave etiquette. As we made our way into the cave you could immediately feel the temperature drop.


As we made our way into the cave we traveled down a small corridor that at times was just above my head in height but we soon came into a very large room it was at this point it was obvious were the name Mammoth Cave came from.On the self guided tour you are limited on exploration of the cave system, but it is still very informative with signs and displays along the trek.


The self guided tour had no time limit, but limits your ability to explore this immense cave system. After exploring in the cave we made our way back to the surface and into the light.IMG_4203


From there we continued exploring the area by taking a trail down to the creek. Jase lead the way as we enjoyed the sights and sounds of being outside.


The trip down wasn’t so bad but by that time Jason was tired of walking and we had a .8 mile hike back up to reach the car.


Well we started the trek back to the car and I am here to tell you toting an extra 32 pounds uphill for .8 miles is not my idea of a good time. It turned out not to be so bad and thanks to Dominique’s keen hawk-eye type habits, we actually got to see a doe and its spotted fawn on the hike back.

IMG_0457.JPG (1)

There is also an on site hotel and restaurant as well as a camping area. All in all it was a good outing. We recommend going when it’s not so crowded and taking one of the guided tours. I think they even do some at night. Check out their website for more information:

Mammoth Cave


Hey, ya’ll!

Welcome to our humble little page: The Chauncey’s Take on Life.

We wanted to share our adventures in life with you all, if you’re interested of course, as we explore, review, try new things, learn, and laugh. We all are wanting the same thing in life; to do more than just exist, and to actually live, and we have decided to do just that. After all, our fate is in our own hands, right? Totally debatable, we know, but we’re just gonna kind of roll with it… for now.


So who are we? Funny you ask, my name is Dennis and I’m married to a beautiful, amazing, talented woman (who happens to edit all of my posts before I publish them, so gotta keep it safe, right?) named Dominique, and together we have a 2 year old son. I also have a 23 year old daughter who is now off doing her own grown-up stuff which is cool. Anyway, we originally met in Orlando, Florida working a premier Halloween event of some sort, and eventually dated, got engaged, then married, had sex, she got knocked up, we had a kid, then moved to Tennessee, and here we are. Now, we are currently in the Nashville area, which is new to us, but let me tell you, Davy Crockett’s ghost is calling my name and is whispering to me to “move closer to the Smokies.” Side note: You’ll see a lot of references here and there to Halloween, ghosts, horror, etc. so here’s your far warning if you’re not into that kind of thing.

Back on track: Now, this past weekend we actually went to the East side of the state and did some exploring, and I think just maybe Dominique is on board with moving…. again. Either way, we’re kind of just figuring it out as we go along, and hope you guys will buckle up and enjoy the ride as we “take on life.”

Stay tuned,


Wantable vs. DailyElite vs. Stitch Fix


If you’re like me, it’s hard to find time to go out shopping and refresh your closet as often as you would like. Going out, rummaging through the racks and shelves, then trying things on in dreadful fittings rooms just isn’t as fun as it used to be. And if Jase is along for the ride with me, it’s totally not going to happen.


Like many people, I’ve seen ads come across my social media pages for various subscription boxes, including fashion boxes. On a whim, I decided to give one a try, and next thing you know, I’m signed up for two more (oops!). They all have the same general concept: sign up, fill out a survey of what you do and don’t like, your body type, clothing size, budget, etc., pay a subscription fee and then magically a box appears at your house with different clothing items to try on and you get to decide what you want to keep and send everything else back. All of this takes out the hassle of leaving your home to go and find new items, and also you get things that you probably would never try on in a million years if you came across it yourself in a store. Well ladies, and potentially gentlemen as well, I’m here to give you a review of the three boxes I tried out and which one I think was the best for me.


Box Number 1: wantable


Price: $20 subscription fee

Estimated number of pieces: 5-6

Actual number of pieces: 7

Stars: 8/10


The first box I subscribed to was wantable. I signed up and received my first box roughly two weeks after, and I was so excited when it came. There were a total of 7 items in my box: two pairs of pants, two dresses, and three tops. Out of the seven items I kept three, one pair of pants, one dress, and one top. When I subscribed, I said I wanted a mix of casual and business casual, and they delivered exactly that.


Out of the pants, I received a pair of navy work pants and the most comfortable distressed boyfriend jeans I have ever tried on in my life. In case you can’t tell, I kept the jeans and wore them almost immediately. In regards to the dresses, one was a striped shift dress which was kind of “meh” and a super flattering navy bodycon business casual dress. Spoiler alert: I kept the navy dress too!



Finally, there were the three tops. A simple black top that wasn’t really anything special since I have so many simple black t-shirts already in my closet, a geometric tank top with that neck thing I don’t like, and a floral blouse that I would have never picked out for myself if I were shopping just for fun. The floral blouse surprised me quite a bit once I tried it on, and I ended up keeping it as well.



Once my items were delivered, I had five days to try them on and send back whatever I didn’t want. In the box was a return shipping label and an empty package, so all I had to do was put what I didn’t want in the back, but the label on it, and drop it off in the mailbox. Super convenient, especially since I got an email from wantable once the return package was entered into the USPS tracking system, which was reassuring that I wouldn’t get charged for anything I didn’t want because I knew they had a notification that I had mailed it out within the designated time frame.


Finally, after they inventoried what I returned, I had the opportunity to rate and classify each item that was in my box to say what I did and didn’t like about them. This was awesome, since I had the opportunity to let my “stylist” know how she did on her first job, and what I would like to see more of, what I didn’t want to see at all, etc.


My initial experience with wantable really was great. The clothes I picked were awesome, they were all within my budget, and they fit me perfectly. Would I use wantable again? Absolutely.


Box Number 2: DailyLook Elite


Price: $40 subscription fee

Estimated number of pieces: 7-11

Actual number of pieces: 0

Stars: 0/10


Box number two was supposed to come from DailyLook Elite. I was a little hesitant at first as I was researching all these different subscription boxes, and it was one of the most expensive. I was however eventually persuaded to try it out anyway because of the sheer number of items that would be in the box. I thought eleven items is awesome, and surely they will be able to find something for me. Let’s just say, I never got the box.


First thing that was weird about DailyLook Elite was they would put a $150 hold on my bank account to make sure that the funds were there (kind of unnecessary in my opinion for me, but I can see why they might have to do that for some individuals and past experiences). I went with it, and thought “okay, whatever,” and went along with my fashion quiz and survey.


When I finished everything and paid, my estimated delivery date was two weeks later, which was a great turn around. As the two weeks were approaching, I went to check the status of my order because apparently you get to leave notes about the products picked for you before they are even mailed out. I logged on and my date was pushed back a few days, and I received no notification. I kind of just rolled my eyes and kept on with what I was doing. A few more days pass and I see that my date has been pushed back 4 MORE WEEKS. Again, no notification! There was an option to email the stylist from their app (which doesn’t really work on iPhone, and their website kind of sucks too), and I get a notice saying “A stylist has not yet been assigned to you.” Well, I said f that, I’m cancelling. So I go to cancel, through their chat option, and I tell the girl what was going on and that I wanted a refund of my subscription fee. Shortly after a type that in and press send, a notification comes across the chat saying “The representative you were working with has ended the session.” So, now I’m kind of pissed and I start another chat. I explain the situation again and how the person before ended the chat, and this new person was extremely short in their responses, and unfriendly. They said they would process the refund and asked if I had any other questions or needed anything else. I asked her if she could give me insight as to what happened to my order, and I was simply told that they are behind on orders. I explained that if I had been notified every time my date was pushed back, I probably would have gone through with the subscription because that’s just common courtesy. They didn’t say much after that and the session was ended.


Overall, my experience was terrible. Would I recommend DailyLook Elite? Heck no.


Box Number 3: Stitch Fix


Price: $20

Estimated Number of Pieces: 5

Actual Number of Pieces: 5

Rating: 7/10


My final box came from Stitch Fix. I’ve been aware of this subscription company longer than the other two, and honestly, I think it was the first one of its kind to be created. I’m not sure though, so don’t quote me on that. My Stitch Fix box contained 5 items, as promised. Those 5 items included a purse, two dresses, a stripped long-sleeve shirt, and a sweater. Honestly, I was a little underwhelmed with my first box.


The purse was a large maroon canvas purse with light brown leather straps. If anything, I don’t need more big purses. I have a tendency to make even the smallest cross-body purse look like a Mary Poppins bag with all the crap I manage to fit into it. Also, I tend to like purses that can go with any outfit I decide to wear, and this particular purse didn’t really give me that vibe.


After the purse, there were the two dresses. One of the dresses was a floral shirt dress that I loved the instant I took it out of the box. The second dress was a plain maroon dress that could be dressed up or down. After trying them both on, I was sad that the floral dress didn’t meet the expectations I had in my mind, and the maroon dress was nothing special. I paired the maroon dress with different jackets to see if I liked it enough, but alas, I didn’t. So at this point I’m at 0 for 3 in regards to the items in my box.


Next up was the stripped long sleeve shirt, with the criss cross pattern. I tried it on, and it did absolutely nothing for me. The material was weird, and the sleeves were too long, so back into the box it went. Finally, there was the wool sweater that didn’t really pop out at me when I took it out of the box. I tried it on, boy was it comfy! It was soft, and loose, and seemed perfect for wearing out with jeans, or wearing at home with leggings when I just want to be comfy while snuggling on the couch with hubby and Jase. So, out of the 5 items I received, this was the only one I chose to keep.


One thing I did like about Stitch Fix is that in my box, there was a color sheet included with different outfit ideas for each clothing item they sent. That was really nice to look at the versatility of some of the products. Ultimately though, my first Stitch Fix box wasn’t anything special. Also, I have yet to receive the email asking to rate the items I was sent and what I did and didn’t like about them for the next box.


At the end of the day, I’m leaning more towards wantable, as they had more items, and I think the stylist I was assigned to did a better job at finding things for me. I’m going to try out one more box of both Stitch Fix and Wantable, so we’ll see what the next round entails.