Escape Room Date Night

Saturday night was date night. Actually the first one here locally since we moved. The daycare our son attends provided a parents night out opportunity and we took full advantage of it. After getting spruced up, which included taking a bath since it was Saturday after all, we headed out to drop off the boy and were ready for some much needed grown up fun.


Dominique had gotten us reservations at Amerigo, a local Italian chain of restaurants. We started out with an appetizer of Cheese Fritters which were really good. I was well pleased with my meal I had the Chicken  Fehttuchini Imperial. Dominique had Chicken Margarite and she said her’s  was delicious, and that the sauce was very light so as to not overpower the dish.

Cheese Fritters – picture courtesy of Amerigo Italian Restaurant


Chicken Margarite – picture courtesy of TripAdvisor


Chicken Fehttuchini Imperial – picture courtesy of Yelp

With our bellies full we headed to a local escape room. For those not familiar with what that is I will explain. You and a group are ushered into a room where you are given allotted amount of time to gather clues in order to solve a mystery that will enable you to use a code to escape the room. Sorta like Scooby Doo, but without old man Withers dressing up like a monster to scare you away from the old glue factory. The place we went to was called Breakout located in Franklin. They have five rooms which gives you quite a few options and your first mystery to solve, which one to choose. The nominees are “Hostage”, “The Kidnapping”, “Museum Heist”, “Operation: Casino”, and “Island Escape”.


We chose the kidnapping scenario. So the game master, which is the person that oversees the game via closed circuit tv, explains the scenario which in our case we were to be kidnapped victims. Prior to entering the room we were blindfolded, which takes away one of your senses before even getting in the room already, putting you at a disadvantage, not to mention also being handcuffed to an object you cannot see really gets the adrenaline moving. We were instructed that we could remove the blindfolds once we heard the video begin.

The video starts and we remove the blindfolds to find that we are handcuffed to opposite sides of a bed frame. My first thoughts are, “hmm blindfolds, handcuffs, and someone watching us via closed circuit tv…. are we about to be part of some kind of S & M snuff film?” That turned out not to be the situation, but once the timer started I felt the same anxiety that I am sure any snuff film producer does. My only real contribution to the whole escape process was that I noticed that the bed was on wheels and I discovered the key for the handcuffs hanging innocently on the wall. After freeing ourselves from bondage Dominique set out to solve the mystery that would set us free from our captor. I will not go into any further detail so as to not give away any clues so you too can experience the thrill for yourself. As the time ticked down we were unable to solve all the clues to escape.


So we failed, but like I told Dominique my plan was that once I got free of the handcuffs I would just subdue the kidnapper when he returned. Dominique was disappointed in not being able to escape, but it being her first time and only my second I felt we had done pretty well. To ease Dominique’s disappointments, the game master did say we were only about four clues away from getting out, and the room we were in had more steps than your average escape room.

All in all, we had a good time and would definitely recommend both Amerigo for dinner and Breakout Games for a fun activity.